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Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 is a digital voyeur simulator combining narrative, investigation, surveillance, and resource management. Get DNFTM 2099 now and access exclusive benefits only available on our site.

✓ Steam Key for the sequel DNFTM 2099.




What is the “Exclusive pre-launch price!”?

It is a special price we are offering for those who are supporting DNFTM 2099 before it launches.

What is the special role in discord and how can I access it?

You will be given a special role on the Do Not Feed the Monkeys Discord server. This role will allow you to access special cages/channels and the capacity to have a more active role within the community. Once you complete your purchase you will receive an email with further instructions on how to activate your role. We will grant you access directly from the server, therefore we will need to get some information such as your username beforehand. So please keep an eye on the email you used for your purchase and to please Do Not Feed The Monkeys!

What if I want to put someone else’s name in the cage? And when can I view it?

The space will be limited therefore you will only get one name, so yes you can choose someone else’s. However, following our community guidelines the name must not be inappropriate and is subject to approval. To find your name, you will have to play DNFTM 2099. Of course, if you need help finding it after trying it out, we can help out. Feel free to reach out to the team on Discord. Thank you for supporting small indie studios!

When will I get my Art book?

The Art book is currently under production. However, after your purchase is gone through, we will be sending one exclusive preview and further instructions on the specific dates of how and when to access your Art book. We suggest you keep an eye on the email you used to register your purchase.

What do you mean by your name hidden in a cage?

In DNFTM 2099’s world there are many cages. By purchasing this option your name will be hidden in one of them, don’t worry we won’t tell you which one.

What is the Art Book?

We are currently working on an exclusive digital art book that will have exclusive illustrations from the world of Do Not Feed the Monkeys in the year 2099. We have never shared our art in a book format and therefore It is a special project for us. Considering how special it is, it will be limited only to pre-orders on this site.

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